“She put her hand in her pocket, and pulled out a box of candies… There was exactly one for each person…”

Midgard Paris’ living gemstones and minerals have always had a mission. Their assignment and ours is to balance and heal your physical body, your emotions and ultimately significantly improve your quality of life.

We take care of the link between yourself and the stones by enhancing their beauty and power by bringing the frame to life.

By way of their natural magnetism, the stones themselves, who have the power to heal and guide, present themselves to you.

Labradorite or "Rainbow" Moonstone

“Through the magical process of co-creation, we will find the stones that best correspond to you, together. I will then create a unique bespoke piece for you that will become your talisman and your loyal companion.”  -MP

Pendant made using 3d / white gold, set with 17 rubies and 2 diamonds

“As a master of lithotherapy, I suggest a deep-dive into your unique nature to identify the stone that perfectly corresponds to you in this stage of your life.

All throughout our lives, we are learning and evolving permanently. Every stage of the human life should be lived in awareness of its divine and unique nature.” -MP

Rock crystal

     “All men have stars.”

“I will be with you each step of the way along the unique bespoke design process.  Together, we will choose the method of creation, from artisanal wax sculpting to 3D printing.”  -MP

Hoop earrings made in white gold set with 54 rubies


“All of our in-house designs can be reproduced in your prefered metal with the the stone that suits you best. I offer you a in-depth consultation to be able to define which jewel that is.”  -MP

Custom 3D simulation

By investing our energy in this process, we are able to become the true creators and masters of our lives, capable of bringing forth the highest versions of ourselves and creating something long-lasting and beautiful.

"Midgard DNA" bracelet / Silver with white mother-of-pearl and rock crystal